RFID or UWB? With AME you can choose the detection technology that best suits your security needs.

RFID or UWB? With AME you can choose the detection technology that best suits your security needs.

The constant desire to innovate and propose more and more accurate safety solutions, in line with the specific needs of each customer, led us to develop a new technological proposal. Thinking of a high precision solution suitable for specific sectors and different applications, AME has thus doubled its line of detection technologies, adding to the already widely used RFID technology, even a line based on Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology.

EGOpro Safe MOVE, is a system that prevents collision between two forklifts and between them and pedestrians in the surrounding area. The solution is now available in two different lines, ane based on RFID technology and the other using UWB technology.

The choice of detection technology is important and should be made according to the specific needs, dictated by the company logistics and the environment in which the system has to operate.

Both products give the possibility to create two different alarm thresholds, one Prewarning and one Warning. RFID technology has always offered a wide detection range, the UWB version system has a lower range, in favor of an accuracy to the centimeter.

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In addition to the type of environment another useful element in the choice of the most suitable technology is the organization and type of application. A distinctive feature of both lines is in fact the TAG: our active PPE that allows the pedestrian to be detected by the system, the RFID TAG is equipped with an ergonomic case and a long-life battery (about 3 years), which can be replaced. The UWB TAG instead is equipped with rechargeable battery and is compatible with our product EGOpro Social Distancing (anti-Covid electronic device).


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