A new EGOpro Active Tag for every safety solution … ergonomically better, more wearable and even greater performance! 

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In times like these, when workplace accidents, even fatal ones, are becoming more commonplace, it is essential to invest in safety by adopting the best technologies the market has to offer, like the EGOpro Safety solutions.

The EGOpro Safety solutions, based on proprietary technology and using the very latest technological tools, allow superior levels of worker safety to be achieved, whilst maintaining or even increasing operating efficiency and without impacting the corporate infrastructure.

By analysing the operating environment, placing EGOpro Safety sensors on the potential hazards (moving vehicles, forklifts, cranes, fixed machinery, etc.), and by equipping operators with an Active TAG, an intelligent environment can be created in which the presence of an operator in a hazardous zone can be detected by the system which then, as a result, interacts with the environment itself (through visible and acoustic alarms, slowing machinery, controlling access, etc.). In this way, AME puts workers at the very heart of its active safety systems.

The new EGOpro Safety active TAG is a triple-technology TAG which is worn by operators who work or move in operational zones. The TAG is designed to be integrated with various other personal protective equipment (safety helmets, high-visibility jackets, etc.) and has a life of 3-4 years. When a TAG is integrated with another item of personal protection, such as a safety helmet, it transforms it into “active PPE” which allows the operator to be detected by the sensors in EGOpro Safe MOVE systems and, therefore, significantly increases the intrinsic safety in the work zone without adding to the worker’s normal activities.

AME’s task, or rather, AME’s mission is to establish, in every operating context within the scope of health and safety at work, the concept of ACTIVE SAFETY. In other words, thanks to the integration of innovative technologies, to allow hazards to be detected and evaluated objectively and to signal them with an appropriate alarm in real time, in order to help prevent accidents at work.

tag-EGOpro safety