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Industry 4.0

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Vehicles eligible through the Industry 4.0 scheme

EGOpro Safe MOVE 4.0 for a safer company logistics
industria 4 0 a chi e rivolto

Intended companies

All the companies residing within the territory the State that will invest in high technology capital goods- whether tangible or intangible- that feature such characteristics as to include them in Annex A.

Purchase period

The tax credit applies for investments in new capital goods to be used in production plants located within the territory of the Sate made from 1st January 2022 until 31st December 2022 (it may be extended up to 30th June 2023).


For an expenditure of up to EUR 2.5 million, 40% of tax credit. Credit usable to offset amounts in 3 equal yearly instalments, as from the year the interconnection is effective
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How to obtain these benefits for your vehicles?

INSTANTLY. Our products are Industry 4.0 certified, and therefore, you can immediately access to benefits equivalent to 50% de cost of the vehicle. Through its constant interconnection, not only does the MOVE system fall within the 4.0 logics, but it also turns the forklift truck into an INDUSTRY 4.0 product; in this way, you can be eligible for the benefits granted by the STATE.

Certified Technical Expertise

industria 4 0 perizia tecnica certificata
EGOpro Safe MOVE 4.0 by AME has been certified by ECM (Ente Certificazione Macchine), an Italian certification body. This body boasts over twenty years of experience in the field of certifying products, machines, and work equipment.

How AME systems meet the Industry 4.0 requirements

Control by means of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) and/or
Ensured by the onboard computer (CPU) installed on the forklift truck that manages the alarms on the display and automatically causes it to slow down.
Interconnections to IT systems and uploading instructions remotely.
Supported by the EGOpro MANAGER icloud portal that manages data and facilitates configuring the system remotely.
Automated integration with the logistics system of the factory or with
Guaranteed by the chance to modify the performance of the forklift truck (slowing it down, lock starting, etc.).
Simple & intuitive man/machine interface.
Ensured by a touch screen fitted on the vehicle with a simple and intuitive GUY.
Compliance with the latest parameters of safety, hygiene and health at work
The EGOpro system is the most advanced, innovative and complete of all the anti-collision systems on the market. ECM Certified.

Requirement A

Constant monitoring of the working conditions and the process parameters and the adaptivity to the changes in the process.

Capacity to adapt to the environment

According to the environment where the forklift truck is operating and its position, the System can adjust its functions and the performance of the vehicle by interacting in real time.

Requirement B

Telemaintenance and/o telediagnosis and/or remote control systems.

Remote control

Via the company’s Wi-Fi system or a router installed, the System can act on the maintenance remotely and also automatically download all the data collected by the CPU.
ego pro safe move modulo geofencing dispositivo

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