AME invests in Germany and opens a new branch office in Stuttgart

AME invests in Germany and opens a new branch office in Stuttgart

With the aim of consolidating its presence on the German territory, AME announces the opening of a new office in Germany. A solid reality, the high standard required at a technological level and its central position in Europe are the basis of the choice of AME, which thus marks an important step towards its expansion into European markets.

The new German office is preparing to welcome a local team of sales and technical specialists, so as to have direct control of its business and be even closer to its current and future customers. The investment underlines AME’s will to continue its growth both from a technological point of view, with the continuous development of new security solutions, and in terms of business in terms of market presence.


AME, founded in 1999 in Florence, was the first company to talk about Active Safety and today can boast many important partnerships at global and Italian level. In its 20 years of activity, AME has always been ready to provide increasingly advanced and cutting-edge security solutions. For example, in this difficult 2020 the company was the first to design and supply an electronic social distancing device compatible with the well-known and reliable EGOpro Safe MOVE vehicle/pedestrian anticollision system. The challenge was to implement new technologies to provide, through the EGOpro Social Distancing device, a valid ally for companies in order to continue working in safe conditions.

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What made AME a pioneer in the concept of “active safety” was its passion for innovative development, a passion that spurred it on to continuous product innovation and made it a true leader in the field of safety at work in Italy. The continuous improvement of solutions and product performance make AME number on ally for the safe management of logistics of vehicles and people in any industrial environment.

AME will base the development of its new German headquarters on the company’s Mission, i.e. technological innovation applied to security, always with a futuristic outlook, creating a positive interaction between security and technology. Interaction possible thanks to the realization of an “intelligent environment” able to respond to the presence of individuals according to the risks and able to shape the environment, customizing it on the security needs of the customer in a very simple way.

When we talk about Global Active Safety and technological innovation, we talk about AME, which you will find at the international logistics trade fair LOGIMAT 2021 right in Stuttgart.


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