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Listen, learn, tailor

AME’s mission is to create innovative technology for your peace of mind. To be practical and effective, AME has always applied a unique and distinctive approach based on three concepts: LISTEN, LEARN, TAILOR.
Constant challenge and research mean to be able to find the solution that best suits a customer’s every specific need and requirement for a plant, company, construction site or tunnel. AME’s plus is the comprehensive way in which each project is managed, thus becoming a one-stop provider for customers and companies. A complete range of services- from engineering design to installation, up to technical support and advice after installation.
Our approach

Phases of our Consulting


Analysis of Safety and Safety Requirements

Actual needs at the construction site or plant are analysed and assessed to rapidly implement a tech-transformation approach to enhance safety.

Technical Project Management

Possible solutions to optimise safety and efficiency are identified and designed.

Implementing the Solution

The most suitable product solutions are installed, and customers are trained on how to correctly install and use the system.

Monitoring, Control and Support

Customers are supported at all times as the solutions installed are checked to maintain safety standard.
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