Enhance safety at your site

The first step to take the safety of your site to the next level is to adopt a system that can control access and count workers present in order to track and manage the flow of personnel and vehicles, and to know who is at the site at any given time throughout the whole period of activity.

The first safety step

Controlling access and counting workers present at the site

Manage and control access of both vehicles and workers on foot to the site, the canteen, and the tunnel. An alarm is triggered and access is denied to unauthorised personnel. The system keeps record of the entrances/exits by personnel to/from the different zones of the site.

  • Authorise access by calendar, time or document control.
  • Manage personnel from other companies as well as visitors.
  • Manage fleets.
  • Multifactor Identification Technology (e.g., vehicle licence plate recognition system, UHF, ISO, etc.).
  • Manage the visibility of custom profiles of the software.
  • Manage multiple sites.

CCTV at the site

Active video surveillance system

The video surveillance system is integrated to the access control and tracking system. Thanks to the most advanced technologies, you can control:

  • Fixed video cameras at the entry point to the site or installed in the tunnel
  • Active video cameras can be activated by motion, when a tag code is detected, or by an emergency.
  • Video flows can be viewed only in live mode, or recorded to an NVR server depending on what is needed.
  • Video cameras can be made to suit ATEX environments.
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All the benefits of choosing the EGOpro active safety solution | the innovation that protects you.
Only authorised personnel in the site

Only authorised personnel in the site

Identify in real time all the personnel that goes in and out the site, and manage the authorisations to enter.

Integrated, web-based software

Integrated, web-based software

The mimic diagram shows in real time an overview of the site, from how many workers are in the different zones of the site as well as their position, to managing alarms and emergencies, and the communications system too.

Active video surveillance

Active video surveillance

 The video surveillance system can be activated by motion or the presence of an active tag.

Multifactor recognition technology

Multifactor recognition technology

The system integrates all kinds of proximity and identification readers, for instance, vehicle licence plate recognition system, UHF, ISO, etc.

EGOpro Keyston

With a simple click, a general view of the site in real time, whenever you want

Know how many workers are within the site, and where they are, manage alarms, control video cameras, and coordinate communications with a single integrated web-based software.

Take safety to the next level


Real-time personnel detection and tracking system

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EGOpro Safe MOVE

Vehicle-pedestrian worker and vehicle-vehicle anti-collision system

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Communications coverage throughout the tunnel via GDM, radio, and telephone lines

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