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EGOpro Safe Traffic Management

Innovative solutions for safely and efficiently managing a company's circulation flow

Pedestrian crossings, blind corners and intersections are areas in warehouses where the risk of a collision or an accident is higher. AME offers active safety solutions that, without disrupting the company’s infrastructure, help optimise internal circulation in a safe and efficient manner.

Safe internal circulation

Managing vehicle and worker flows safely

The system creates a virtual ‘safe’ zone within which, and depending on the client’s safety and efficiency requirements, the following parameters interact and can be configured:

Vehicle Performance

  • Automatic slowing down
  • Lifting limitation
  • Switch on lights

Environmental Condition

  • Open/close doors
  • Switch lights on
  • Warnings (traffic lights or flashing lights, etc.)

Examples of applications

Vehicle entry points and pedestrian walkways

  • Industrial door opens automatically, danger warning signals alert the pedestrian worker, plus the chance to slow down the forklift truck.
  • Pedestrian gate is locked when a forklift truck is crossing the gate, plus the chance to slow down the forklift truck.

Examples of applications

Crossing and intersections

  • Priorities are signalled by the traffic lights, plus the chance to slow down the forklift truck.
  • Alarm management in zones with poor visibility such as blind corners in aisles.

Control Speed Zoning

Safe operational zones as the speed of vehicles is limited

The system manages the performance of the forklift truck, for instance, by setting a speed limit within specific zones of the warehouse where there is high vehicle/pedestrian worker interaction. Upon passing through the virtual gate, the vehicle slows down and maintains the speed limit until it crosses the gate again.
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System Description

With this system you can create safe operational zones by limiting the performance of forklift trucks when they are operating in danger zones.

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All the benefits of choosing the EGOpro active safety solution | the innovation that protects you.
Optimised vehicle traffic

Optimised vehicle traffic

The speed of the forklift truck is automatically reduced only within high-risk zones, and therefore, the efficiency of the internal circulation is optimised.

Easy & quick to install

Easy & quick to install

The system is made up of a few devices that are easy to install and quick to configure, without disrupting the company’s infrastructure.

Tailor-made solution

Tailor-made solution

After assessing in depth the critical safety aspects of your plant, AME delivers an integral and reliable solution tailor-made to your needs.

Access control integration

Access control integration

The vehicle is recognised and identified as it crosses the gate, and therefore, the access control stage can be managed as well.

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