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safety AMS active microwave sensors

Moisture, consistency and permeability meters

A complete range of solutions for moisture, consistency and permeability meters designed for in-line, real-time applications in the pulp & paper industry. AMS systems continuously measure the moisture, consistency, and permeability parameters in the various stages of production and control, and optimise the performance of the most important parts of the machine. With the information so obtained, the optimisation process can be controlled: energy consumption and emissions; use of chemicals; unplanned downtime; planning machine shutdowns for routine maintenance; safety at the different work areas.

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AMS active microwave sensors system 2022

Planar Active Microwave Sensors


Microwave consistency meter
AMS P1 Misuratore di consistenza a microonde


Forming board


This compact sensor can be used in most Forming Board configurations. Through our proprietary algorithm, reliable and repeatable measurements over a range from 0 to 30,000 gsm of H2O with a resolution of up to 10 gsm are obtained.


Portable microwave consistency meter
AMS E P1 Misuratore di consistenza a microonde portatile


Press section


The portable microwave consistency meter e-P1 uses patented technology through which the device can measure up to 48,000 g/m2. Measurements are not affected by fibre type, paper colour, temperature, conductivity or vibration.

Remote Active Microwave Sensors


No-contact consistency and moisture meter
AMS R1 Misuratore di consistenza e umidita non a contatto


Dryer section


The R1 sensor measures moisture content precisely while keeping a safe distance from the sheet so that it does not interfere with the sheet path. The sensor is based on an advanced measurement concept that uses an innovative microwave reflection technique that offers a wide range of paper density measurements from 0 g/m2 to 800 g/m2. It also shows high immunity to environmental interferences (vibration, temperature, humidity, and dust).


No-contact consistency and moisture meter
AMS R2 Misuratore di consistenza e umidita non a contatto


Dryer section


The R2 sensor measures moisture level in cellulose sheets, in line, and sends a reliable water content value directly to the control system of the machine.  The sensor offers a wide measurement range from 400 to 1,500 gsm of H20 with a resolution of up to 0.1 gsm. Since it is immune to several parameters, it delivers highly precise and reliable measurements.


Device to connect several AMS sensors
Multiple AMS sensors provide a complex set of parameters giving important information on the paper/pulp production.
AMS hub and manager dispositivo di connessione
The AMS HUB boasts a large data storage capacity as well as the processing ability to extract relevant information from the data acquisition. The remote connection from the HUB allows great application flexibility with simple diagnosis and maintenance procedures.
Every AMS sensor connected to the AMS HUB provides high speed digital output to the AMS HUB by means of a robust industrial-grade connection.
The AMS HUB has an internal UMTS router so that you can connect to it remotely via internet as well as:

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