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EGOpro Safe TUNNEL lands in New Zealand

EGOpro Safe TUNNEL lands in New Zealand

EGOpro Safe TUNNEL by AME lands in New Zealand to help Watercare maintain high levels of safety during the construction of the Central interceptor project. The project involves the creation, over six years, of a sewer tunnel 4.5 meters in diameter and 14.7 km long. The tunnel, which will be the longest in New Zealand, will start from Gray Lynn (Western Springs) and will reach the Māngere wastewater treatment plant.

Central Interceptor will extend downhill, this means that wastewater can easily flow from Grey Lynn to the treatment plant in Māngere. The main underground tunnel will be connected to two smaller sewer tunnels. It will have permanent wells for operational use and future access, which will collect and transfer wastewater from the existing network into the tunnel, providing a more direct route to the water. For a total of 17 sites, threee of which are main sites. 

Many drainage pipes in the center of Auckland are old and due to the rain overflowing in the waterways, thanks to the Central Interceptor overflows can be reduced by 80%, bringing a grate benefit to the environment and public health.

EGOpro Safe TUNNEL is a complete, integrated and reliable solution that through a single Software platform manages activities such as access control on site and tracking of operators in tunnels, CCTV system, management of tunnel communication, environmental detection and management of emergencies and alarms on construction sites all over the word.

The solution is based on the identification and control of the presence of personnel and the detection and storage of the number and position of operators, in real time, inside the tunnel. This is done automatically for a more efficient and timely management of emergency and evacuation procedures. In addition, operators can receive real-time information about any potential hazardous situation such ad the detection of environmental changes or when an operator or group of operators exceeds working hours as required by safety procedures.

The goal is to have a constant and real-time overview of what is happening on the construction site.

This means having the possibility to detect the presence and position of the operator inside a tunnel, giving them the possibility to communicate outside the tunnel and vice versa in any case, to allor a faster intervention in case of emergency and, in the worst cases, to evacuate the site as quckly as possible.

AME for the project CENTRAL INTERCEPTOR deals with:

ACCESS CONTROL AND TRACKING > People and vehicle access control RFId badges > OCR plate reader > Operator tracking in real-time inside the tunnel > CCTV system 

ALARMS AND SOS MANAGEMENT > SOS emergency call box > CCTV system 

COMMUNICATION > WIFI inside the tunnel > Radio UHF 

INFRASTRUCTURE > Single-mode fibre optic network system > UPS groups for all systems > Centralized Server System for monitoring all plants 


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