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Our History

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Headquartered in Florence, AME is a company specialised in technology applied to safety at work. It was founded in 1999 by two visionary businessmen, Claudio Salvador and Filippo Bonifacio.      
Since its inception, AME was a trailblazer as it offered active safety system when this sector did not even exist. Clever and determined to prove their value with facts, with an open, dynamic, and cosmopolitan mindset. Perceptive and an attentive listener, the company is guided by a solution-oriented approach.
After 20 years of researching and developing integrated Safety & Security solutions for tunnelling, construction sites, logistics and industrial plants, AME has become a highly valued brand in both Italy and the world, taking full advantage of its distinctive style. Such style is the result of the advanced technologies applied, a customer-centred approach, and the vertical expertise that the company has gained in the safety industry.
We need our 5 senses to work safely, but they are not enough. That is the reason why AME is always looking for the most advanced technologies and systems to optimise preventive safety at the workplace, to reduce the risk of accidents to zero, and to ensure an inalienable human right: going back home safe and sound after work.
Since 1999

AME history


AME is founded in Florence, as a university spin-off, by two young, visionary engineers, Claudio Salvador and Filippo Bonifacio, who are friends and university mates. Their goal: to transfer to the industrial world all the know-how they have gained. Shortly after, it becomes one of the leading companies in technology applied to safety worldwide.
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AME PATENT “Devices for measuring the contact of the chemical – physical materials and methods associated with it”. The first system dedicated to the pulp & paper industry that checks the parameters of paper making machines is patented.


LNXessence PATENT “Dual Band Transponder System” – “System identification time-space-based transponder”. Just one year after the first patent, the LNXessence technology is patented. This proprietary technology will be a game-changer in the concept of safety, and will become the very foundation of all AME solutions in the market.
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ACTIVE SAFETY: For the first in the market, AME introduces the concept of active safety, and so reaffirms its role as a trailblazer and its visionary approach.


AME launches the first display dedicated to the anti-collision world, further optimising precision and safety level for workers at construction sites and industrial plants. A quick tool to view, according to how the touchscreen is configured, not only if there is a pedestrian worker near a moving vehicle, but also where exactly that worker is.
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ACTIVE SAFETY PATENT “Integrated and modular active safety based on dual frequency active RFID devices”. AME patents its LNXessence technology for safety solutions.


Not only technical and engineering components are made with care, precision, and attention to detail, manufacturing materials and design are carefully chosen too. All this translates into a powerful brand identity that makes AME stand out in the international panorama.
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AME arrives to the world of tunnelling and construction sites thanks to the new TAG Tracking system to monitor workers. An important step forward that leads to execute and take part in one of the most important international tunnelling projects: the Brenner Base Tunnel. This is the dawn of a new era in the world of safety applied to construction sites and tunnelling.


AME’s technology know-how becomes the reference in the global arena as a protection solution to respond to the new health emergency. In almost no time, as these demanding COVID-19 times so require, AME launches its UWB technology that helps to keep a safe physical distance. Thanks to this technology, AME becomes not only a key player in the industrial world but, for the first time ever, also in the health and tourism sectors.
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RANGE OF ANTI-COLLISION SYSTEMS After launching the safety-related UWB technology, AME is now able to create an entire RANGE of ANTI-COLLISION SYSTEMS: EGOpro Safe MOVE, (Compact, Easy, Smart), in both LNX and UWB technologies. The first and only company in the market that offers a system that adapts to any kind of industrial setting.


EGOpro MANAGER 4.0 & ESI The concepts of DATA MANAGEMENT and DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION related to safety are launched on the market by conceiving an innovative cloud data management platform that is easy to access, and SMART that heralds a new era in which safety and efficiency blend into a tangible and numeric reality: a sole coefficient called ESI (Efficiency Safety Indicator).
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