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The new frontier of safety

A whole world of innovative services for workplace safety.

AMESPHERE is AME revolutionary approach to safety able to increase standards of protection against accidents and their prevention in the workplace. Forklift-Pedestrian Collision-Avoidance System always evolving.

It gives you access to a wide range of services:


Why choose Amesphere


Local Positioning System- LPS technology allows the precise detection of operators in relation to any approaching vehicle with far greater reliability and accuracy than any other anti-collision system.

Quick & Easy

Reduced installation costs and time. Amesphere is made of just 2 devices connected via Bluetooth, easy to install on forklifts, excavators, cranes, AGVs or any other type of operating machine.

Cloud computing

Data generated constantly by the system are collected and securely stored on AME cloud platform and, once fully processed and analyzed, are presented in the form of “intuitive dashboards”.


“Safety as a Service” allows you to always have secure access to your data and easily analyze them through the full range of reports provided by the platform.

Evolutive maintenance

Automatic updates provide the constant availability of the most up-to-date SW/FW versions of Forklift-Pedestrian Accident-Prevention System, remote support and the immediate access to all new system features that will be made available with future platform developments.


The cloud-based platform enables the inclusiveness of every single operator involved, from the vehicle driver to the site manager, allowing them to participate and contribute to the improvement of the plant safety conditions and standards.

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How to access Amesphere world

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An anti-collision system in an app

The presence and precise position of all operators wearing a TAG in a hazardous situation are displayed and signaled on the tablet installed on the vehicle in real time.

Adaptive mode

The  forklift-pedestrian safety system  detects any event and evaluates its actual level of risk according to an adaptive logic, displaying an alert on the display only when it exceeds the given risk threshold.

Standard mode

The system warns the driver about potential dangers the presence of either pedestrians or other vehicles inside the configured detection areas as Pre-warning and Warning. Shape of the detection ranges can be easily adjusted in size and shape (up to 6 different sides).


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Amesphere Cloud Data Platform

The revolution of safety sytems from data analysis.

AMESPHERE, AME new software platform, marks a revolution in the world of safety: for the very first time the level of safety of any industrial plant or site can be objectively measured.

All data will be uninterruptedly transmitted in a direct, two-way mode by the system to the software platform.

amesphere cloud data platform

The combination of high-performing software for cloud computing, AI and machine learning provides qualitative reports, weighted according to the objective severity of the risk. Such data, combined with information on efficiency, allow the creation of a “efficiency-to-safety” coefficient called ESI – Efficiency & Safety Indicator. ESI shows a real time ”picture” of safety and efficiency conditions of one or more sites simplified in just one number.

amesphere cloud data platform mappa densita

MAPS showing density of interactions weighted as per their actual level of risk.

amesphere cloud data platform interazioni livello rischio

GRAPHS showing number of interactions PER WEEK, weighted as per their actual level of risk.

amesphere cloud data platform dashboard esi


The AMESPHERE platform can also assess time intervals, types of operations and areas more susceptible to risks, thus providing key information that can be used to develop structural or procedural measures to improve safety while optimizing overall operational efficiency.

Which Amesphere service best suits your requirements?



Basic package for the security of your company:
  • Anti-collision APP
  • Constant SW and FW updates
  • Safe data storage
  • Remote assistance
  • ESI Dashboard and safety reports



Optional package for driver management
  • CHECKLIST Module
  • LOGIN Module
  • SHOCK Module
  • ACTIVE PROFILES of driver and vehicle
  • Driver’s ESI



Optional package to optimise plant efficiency
  • ZONING Module
  • Vehicles tracking
  • Spaghetti Charts
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The PLUSes of the Vehicle-Pedestrian Collision-Avoidance System

i plus del servizio tecnologia lps

Local Positioning System (LPS) Technology

i plus del servizio connettivita


i plus del servizio installazione semplice

Simple & flexible to install

i plus del servizio piattaforma cloud

Cloud Platform

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A whole world of innovative services for workplace safety. Forklift-Pedestrian Accident-Prevention System

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