Managing emergencies in real time, in situ or remotely

It is essential to have a system of emergency alarms in such a tough environment as a site or a tunnel. Besides providing a general view on the number, position, and master data of workers present in the different zones, the system allows sending alarm signals should a hazardous situation occur.

SOS emergency call boxes & alarm columns

System to send alarms in situ or remotely

The system manages all kinds of emergency alarms, both in the construction site or inside the tunnel, involving:

  • Environmental Monitoring
    • Survival cabin condition
    • Condition of communications systems
    • Condition of environmental parameters
  • Alarms activated directly on the SOS Emergency Call Boxes/Alarm Columns with sound and light signals in situ.
  • Telephone or mail messages sent remotely to the Safety Officer or Site Manager.

Alarms and active TAG

Active alarms within danger zones

Thanks to the EGOpro Safe Tracking system, alarms can be activated by another factor besides environmental ones: the presence of a worker wearing a TAG, for instance, whenever:

  • the maximum time a worker is allowed to stay within a danger zone is exceeded
  • the maximum number of workers in a risk zone is exceeded
  • unauthorised personnel attempt to enter a zone.
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Simple alarm management system

Simple alarm management system

All alarms are managed by a single web-based software through which messages or mails can be sent to the relevant officer or alerts can be activated in situ.

Integration with an active tag

Integration with an active tag

Alarms can be activated by the presence of a worker wearing a TAG in the different zones of the site or tunnel.

Environmental monitoring

Environmental monitoring

The system offers a full and reliable solution because it can integrate all kinds of environmental monitoring sensors.

Total safety

Total safety

It strengthens safety, emit alarm signals in real time, and provides the data necessary to expedite any actions or procedures required.

EGOpro Keyston

With a simple click, a general view of the site in real time, whenever you want

Know how many workers are within the site, and where they are, manage alarms, control video cameras, and coordinate communications with a single integrated web-based software.

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