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EGOpro SAFE MOVE even more scalable even safer thanks to the new line of anti-collision solution

EGOpro SAFE MOVE even more scalable even safer thanks to the new line of anti-collision solution

AME, which has been dealing with safety for years for the company logistics, thanks to its experience and with the aim of giving a more complete solution to its customers, has decided to espand its line of anticollision products to minimize the risk of accidents between forklifts and pedestrians in common work areas.

The systems will always alert the driver with two types of alerts: Prewarning (yellow) and Warning (red) of the presence of workers or other vehicles in a dangerous area around the vehicle. In this way the driver will be able to intervene, promptly to avoid the impact, thus making the working environment safer.

The novelty is that a different solution has benn throught for each model of forklift truck and each type of application.


AME has created two versions of the EGOpro Safe MOVE system – anticollision between forklift truck and pedestrian: the HIGHend line suitable for medium to large vehicles and the LOWend line designed for small vehicles. The choice depends not only on the size of the trolley, but also on the application for which the trolleys are working.

The two lines are compatible with each other and the Tag worn by the operator is the same. Thanks to these two models the whole fleet can be made saper, according to the specific needs of the customer.

The EGOpro Safe MOVE HIGHend System is a new version, able to offer even higher performance thanks to its new CPU. The CPU is the control unit of the system that storees all events, LOGs, IDdrivers and is equipped with self-diagnostic function. The HIGHend solution, integrated with EGOpro MANAGER is able to provide a complete reporting of the events, which can be analyzed according to the most congenial criteria to the customer, such as specific days, single vehicles, sensitive areas. This allows a security analysis of the company logistics. In addition, in the HIGHend system, the presece and position of the pedestrian are shown on the Display, allowing the driver of the vehicle to know what is happening in the area aurrounding the vehicle, even in cases of poor visibility.


The EGOpro Safe MOVE LOWend system is designed for smaller vehicles, which have limited space in the cab. Its architecture provides only two devices: an omnidirectional sensor and a HUB –  Console with which the sensor interfaces and that through LED light and sound alarms alerts the driver of the vehicle of the presence of pedestrians or other vehicles near it.


Continuous innovation is one of the key points of AME, to ensure increasingly efficient safety measures and to make the workplace accident proof.


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