Real-time monitoring of workers inside a tunnel or in the different zones of a site

For safety purposes, after access has been controlled and authorisation to enter the site has been granted, it is essential to know in real time how many workers there are and where exactly they are in the different zones inside a tunnel or a site just in case an emergency occurs.

The exclusive EGOpro Tracking Tag

The exclusive EGOpro Tracking Tag

  • Instant transmission.
  • Configurable time (for instance, every 7 seconds).
  • Integrated badge holder.
  • Battery life: 3-5 years.

Presence and position in real time

Monitoring workers in the different zones of a site or tunnel

An active Tag worn by workers and electronic RFID gates with proprietary technology arranged throughout the site or along the tunnel combine to display the following on the mimic diagram in real time:

  • Position, quantity and master data of workers, visitors, external companies while they are in the different zones.
  • Diagnostics of the entire system.
  • Alarm management in danger zones (EGOpro Safe EMERGENCY).

Real-time reports

General overview of the site with just one click

The system offers different types of real-time reports showing a general overview of what is going in the site or tunnel:

  • Report by ZONE: shows how many people are present, as well as their data, in the different zones of the site or tunnel.
  • Report by TAG: shows the events of each individual tag and an analysis of the activities and movements among the zones.
  • Report by PERIOD: analyses the flows of people within a given period of time.
  • Presence count: prints the list of people that should be present during an emergency evacuation.
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System Description

The system checks entry points and tracks the people who enter the site by means of EGOpro active Tags that apply proprietary technology.

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All the benefits of choosing the EGOpro active safety solution | the innovation that protects you.
Optimised safety level

Optimised safety level

In the event of a hazard or an emergency, you can view, in real time, the location of workers throughout the construction site to expedite evacuation procedures.

Flexible system

Flexible system

The system is based on proprietary technology, which translates into a highly flexible and adaptable system that meets customers’ every need and requirement.

Workers/TAGS multi-reading

Workers/TAGS multi-reading

Several workers travelling together inside a moving vehicle that enters the tunnel can be detected at the same time, and workers do not have to do anything special to be recognised.

Support & maintenance

Support & maintenance

AME provides clients with constant support, at any time: from the stage when the system is designed, to the moment it is installed and commissioned, and finally, serviced.

EGOpro Keyston

With a simple click, a general view of the site in real time, whenever you want

Know how many workers are within the site, and where they are, manage alarms, control video cameras, and coordinate communications with a single integrated web-based software.

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