EGOpro Safe MOVE - anticollisione

The system

The EGOpro Safe MOVE system | Proximity Warning & Alert System | minimises the risk of accidents between forklifts and operators on the ground in shared work zones.

The system adds value to industrial vehicles in terms of safety, differentiating them at the technological level and protecting operators from the risk of an accident.

The system EGOpro Safe MOVE – Proximity Warning & Alert System – signals the driver, in real time, through visual and acoustic alerts, the presence and the position of any operators wearing active PPE who are approaching, dangerously close, to the moving vehicle. The system allows the driver to swiftly intervene and avoid impacts with other operators or vehicles, taking the most appropriate safety measures.




 3 functions in one device!

anticollisione-Proximiti warning system



Optional modules

   MODULO BADGE identifies the driver and, therefore, performs access control on the vehicle.
  MODULO AISLE identifies when the vehicle is within an aisle and, therefore, when to increase the activation range.
  MODULO WI-FI e GSM make it possible to automatically download data directly onto the server through the data connection.
 MODULO GPS can be obtained the vehicle’s speed and position
   MODULO CHECK LIST Pre-operational check, helping the forklift fleet manager

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Features and capabilities