AME LAUNCHES NEW LOGO AND RENEWS VISUAL IDENTITY. After more than twenty years working and gaining experience in the field of Active Safety, and becoming an important and recognised player in the international arena of state-of-the-art systems and technologies for safety at work, AME, the Florence-headquartered company, aims to renew its brand image. This renew is closely linked to the intentions of co-founders Claudio Salvador and Filippo Bonifacio to strengthen the company’s position in the field of Digital Transformation and Cloud Computing applied to safety at work. The precision and advanced technology of EGOpro Safe systems have been crucial to raise safety standards in the fields of construction, tunnelling, industrial and logistics, thus reducing the risks of accidents at work. EGOpro Manager 4.0 marks the dawn of a new era for AME: the Digital Transformation era. Collecting and processing data in real time make it possible to reach an objective and measurable safety condition. Today Safety and Efficiency are two objectives that can be achieved simultaneously through data analysis. Through its new visual identity and logo, AME wants to stress the beginning and start of a new ACTIVE SAFETY concept in the international market.

SYMBOLS AND COLOURS OF THE NEW LOGO What immediately catches one’s attention are the simple lettering and the stylised logo. Meaning of the two symbols in the logo: The CIRCLE that embodies the concept of SAFETY, that hints at protecting people like in an embrace that makes them safe. The ARROW that embodies the concept of EFFICIENCY, and represents the spearhead of the category and an upward force. THE INTERSECTION OF THE CIRCLE WITH THE ARROW summarises the new Active Safety concept, that is, the right balance between Efficiency and Safety as well as the ultimate objective to which an industrial plant should aspire. The new logo has two primary colours: BLUE NAVY, representing the power and technological side of the brand, and YELLOW, already present in the old logo as a link between past and present, but now warmer and more powerful, representing force and energy.

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