WTC 2019 – Safety Solutions for underground construction.

WTC 2019 – Safety Solutions for underground construction.

AME exhibits at the “World Tunnel Congress 2019” .

The conference will be held in Naples from May 3 to May 9 and it will offer the traditional topics on design and construction of underground works, focusing on tunnellingengineering and innovation.

Feel free to visit our team at our  STAND B14!


At this fair we will present our solution: “EGOpro Safe Tunnel – Safety Solutions for underground construction

EGOpro Safe Tunnel is a complete, integrated and reliable solution that allows various modules to be managed such as access control and tracking operators, managing communication in tunnels, CCTV systems, environmental sensing and managing emergencies and alarms. The solution is based on identifying and controlling the presence of personnel and detecting and storing the number and position of operators, in real time, inside the tunnel. Everything is done automatically for more efficient and more timely management of emergency and evacuation procedures.
Additionally, operators can receive information in real time on any potential hazardous situation such as, for example, environmental changes being detected or when an operator exceeds the working time as set out in the safety procedures.
One distinctive element of the EGOpro access points, in addition to being able to activate them at great distances, is their ability to MULTI-READ operators. This is the ability to detect many people inside a moving vehicle at the entrance to the tunnel, without the operators having to do anything to be recognised.
The system, running on webbased software, provides the control room with an overview of the situation and displays, in real time, the position and the identity of each operator, as well as monitoring the status of any alarms.

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