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A.M.E.|Consultancy and design

AME, thanks to its wealth of experience on safety in major operations and works, supplies a complete range of consultancy services: from supporting the design phase to engineering the safety infrastructure of installations and systems, communication and environmental monitoring.

The consultancy provided by AME includes engineering activities, training operational personnel and complete project management.

EGOpro Safe Tunnel |The solution

EGOpro Safe Tunnel is a complete, integrated and reliable solution, that allows various modules to be managed such as access control and tracking operators, managing communication in tunnels, closed circuit video camera systems, environmental sensing and managing emergencies and alarms.

The solution is based on identifying and controlling the presence of personnel, and detecting and storing the number and position of operators, in real time, inside the tunnel. Everything is done automatically for more efficient and more timely management of emergency procedures and evacuation procedures. Additionally, operators can receive information in real time on any potential hazardous situation such as, for example, environmental changes being detected or when an operator or a group of operators exceeds the working time as set out in the safety procedures.

One distinctive element of the EGOpro access points, in addition to the ability to activate them at great distances, is the MULTILETTURA (multi-reading) of operators. This is the ability to detect many people inside a moving vehicle at the entrance to the tunnel, without the operators having to do anything to be recognised.
The system, running on web-based software, provides the control room with an overview of the situation and displays, in real time, the position and the identity of each operator, as well as monitoring the status of any alarms. In addition, for direct monitoring on-site, a display can be used that shows the number of operators in the tunnel.

AME’s EGOpro SAFE Tunnel system at Base Brenner Tunnel.

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The modules that make up this integrated safety solution in a construction site are:


The access control module – for both vehicles and operators on foot – manages access to the construction site, to the canteen and to the tunnel and issues an alarm or denies access to non-authorised personnel. The system stores the entrances/exits made by personnel to/from the various zones in the construction site.

Authorise access by calendar, time or by document control.

> Presence control.

Manage personnel from other companies as well as visitors

> Manage fleets.

Multi Identification Technology (e.g. Vehicle licence plate recognition system, UHF, ISO etc.)

> Manage customised profiles.

Multi-site management


Through the active tag and the RFID access points, the tracking module can monitor, in real time, the presence and the position of operators in the various zones of the tunnel. As well as always being able to see how operators are dispersed across the various zones in the construction site, in the event of an emergency, a list of people present can be printed to assist any evacuation.

Furthermore, the system manages alarm situations in hazardous zones (e.g. zones with a limited time window, etc.)


The Environmental Monitoring module ensures the operational zone’s complete integrity. In particular, it measures various on-site data and manages alarms in real time.

> Surveillance cabin status control.

> Communications systems status control

> Environmental parameter control (Fibrolaser, Smoke Detector, etc.)

> Acoustic/Visual signals and traffic sign precedence that can be managed remotely or automatically.

Third-party device monitoring.


The CCTV module manages the video surveillance installation. Video cameras can be activated by movement or by detecting a tag code.

> Integrated into the access control system

> Designed for ATEX environments


The Voice Communication module enables spoken communication. Isolated operators are able to send important messages.

> Fixed emergency telephone using fibre optic infrastructure.

SOS alarm columns

> VHF, UHF portable radio communication systems

> GSM and Wi-Fi communication systems

> Variable Message Signs

Single-mode fibre optic network system

Intercom system and emergency telephone with dedicated lines


Every module is managed in an integrated way through web-based software which allows you to control, in real time, the position and the number of people within the various zones as well as each individual operator and provides diagnostics for the entire plant.



Included among the many recent construction sites that have adopted the EGOpro Safe Tunnel  solution by A.M.E. are:

Brenner Base Tunnel

> Mules 2.3 construction lot

Fibre Optic Cable Network – OCR Access Control Construction Site Access Points­ – RFID Tunnel Access Points (Tracking) – SOS Stations (Emergency Telephone­) – CCTV – Smoke Detectors – Fibrolaser – Safety Tunnel­ – Centralised Control Station – Synoptic Panels – Variable Message Signs

> Isarco river underpass construction lot

Fibre Optic Cable Network – Access control Constriction Site Access Points­ – RFID Tunnel Access Points (Tracking) – SOS Stations (Emergency Telephone­) – Safety Tunnel – Excavation Face Magnetophone Telephones


  • Porto Empedocle (AG): ­SS640 trunk road in Porto Empe­docle, Caltanissetta Tunnel construction
  • Monte Ceneri (Switzerland): Swiss high-speed railway, Monte Ceneri Base Tunnel and Ca­morino Vigana Logistics Zone
  • Laino Borgo-Campotenese (CS): A3 Salerno-Reggio Calabria motorway, Macro Construction Lot 3, part 2
  • Cefalù–Castelbuono (PA): ­Laying second railway line
  • Barberino del Mugello Località Cornocchio (FI): ­Modernisation of the A1 Barberino-Incisa motorway
  • Caposele (AV): ­Completion of the Pavoncelli Tunnel for the Sele-Calore aqueduct (Pavoncelli bis)
  • Frejus (TO): ­Safety Tunnel, Construction Lot 2, Italian-side works with control of the Italian slope
  • Florence (FI): ­High-speed rail link construction site, new high-speed train station
  • Albula (Switzerland): ­Construction of a new railway tunnel at Albula
  • Morbegno (SO): Construction site for SS38 changes at Morbegno SP04 Valeriana Occidentale