Covid19 | AME’s solution: EGOpro Social Distancing

Covid19 | AME’s solution: EGOpro Social Distancing

At this time, and for a long time, it will be essential to keep the right distance and avoid gatherings, particularly in places such as malls, business companies or public offices.

AME has used its available know-how to achieve a technological solution that guarantee maintain proper distanceand avoid gatherings.

By creating an on-site infrastructure and equipping those who enter with an Active TAG, the system allows to:

  • Counts how many people enter and leave the place in real time
  • Stop access when maximum number of people inside is reached.
  • Manage the alarms:

NO GATHERINGS: The system signals when the maximum number of
people allowed in a limited area has been exceeded

TIME LIMITS: The system signals when the person remains within the
limited area more than the time allowed


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EGOpro Social Distancing manage accesses, attendance and alarms by WEB Based , Multi site software EGOpro Keystone.  Each person is provided with a tag, to be returned before leaving the place.


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