AME GmbH: the new German team

AME GmbH: the new German team

AME, already a real leader in the field of safety at work in Italy, has recently opened its new office in Germany, in Stuttgart, with the aim of consolidating its presence on the territory. The development of its new German office will be based on Safety by Technology, the company’s Mission, i.e. technological innovation applied to safety and the positive interaction that comes from it.

Interaction possible thanks to the realization of an intelligent environment capable of responding to the presence of individuals according to the risks and able to shape the environment, customizing it to the need of the customer.

The last weeks have been intense, our managers have been dedicated to the training of the new team members and to the management and strategic planning.

A solid reality, the high standards required at technological level and its central position in Europe are the basis of the choice of AME, which thus marks an important step towards its expansion in European markets. The investment underlines the will of the company to continue its growth both from a technological point of view, with the continuous development of new  safety solutions, and in terms of business presence on the market.

For this reason, our German team will not only take care of the host country, but also of the neighboring territories, thus giving our AME GmbH office a central and strategic position in Europe.


Mathias has been working with AME for several years. Originally from Sicily, but grew up in Germany, AME has found in him the perfect bridge between the two countries. With the start of the new office in Stuttgart, Mathias has been entrusted with the South-East area of the country.

“Right from the start I know that my job in Germany would be a great challenge, but also a great opportunity to grow and get to know the company abroad. Today we have opened a new office, with a key role and position in the European market. All my successes are also due to help and support from the entire AME team and especially the innovative vision and working method of the company management in the figures of Claudio Salvador and Filippo Bonifacio.”


Ingo is the newest member of the AME family. He has been working in the field of industrial trucks for 24 years, during which time he has increasingly honed his expertise in the field of occupational safety.  Ingo is entrusted with the North-West area of Germany.

“It makes me proud to be part of the AME team and I approach my task with joy and enthusiasm, I look forward to introducing our customers to the company and its various Active Safety solutions. Our challenge is to understand and meet the customer’s needs, with qualified advice that is always there even after the sale is complete.”


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