EGOpro Social Distancing

EGOpro Social Distancing

Minimize the risk of contagion of the Covid-19

Social distancing

For AME the issue of safety is always the priority, for this reason it has used its know-how to obtain a solution that guarantees the right distances between people and avoids gatherings thus reducing the risk of contagion COVID-19 to a minimum and allow you to return to normality in safety.


EGOpro Social Distancing is a solution that allows:



Measurement of interpersonal distance and warning of danger between people approaching (Vibration TAG). When the operator exceeds the minimum safety distance limit, the TAG worn by both people vibrates, warning of the contagion danger.



Authorization check with respect to the limited number of entries


Reporting that the maximum number of people allowed in the various defined areas has been exceeded.

  • NO GATHERINGS: The system signals when the maximum number of people allowed in a limited area has been exceeded.
  • TIME LIMITS: The system signals when someone stays in the limited area Longer than the time allowed.
  • DISTANCE NOT RESPECTED: Measurement of distance between people, warning when they get too close each other. (Vibration).

Minimize the risk

With EGOpro Social Distancing you can prepare your company to return to normality, working safely.

How it works Plus Version

POST SENSORS are installed inside the structure which, by interacting with people’s worn ACTIVE TAGs, allow operators to be monitored and promptly warned:

  • the department manager of any gatherings of people or the exceeding the maximum number of people in a given area;
  • the person wearing the TAGactive, by means of a vibration, of the exceeding the minimum interpersonal safety distance;
  • operators, through visual and audible alarms (sirens, flashing lights, etc.) of the danger of gathering or the exceeding the limit of people in an area.

EGOpro Social Distancing is managed by the EGOpro Keystone software, WB Based and Multisite software platform that allows

  • definition of the number of entrances / exits and of the limited areas;
  • management and configuration of alarms and therefore definition and insertion of safety parameters;
  • choice and setting of the type of alarm communication.
  • The software memorizes all the alarms making it possible to trace any events concerning personnel who have been infected by Covid-19.(CONTACT TRACING)

Visual and audible alarm (flashing siren)

Telephone message (GSM)

Sending mail to one or to a list of emails

Active tag (vibration)

People who enter the facility must wear an EGOpro Active TAG which having limited access numbers will be really easy to manage.


The TAG can be recharged and sanitized in total safety

anti-covid bracelet

EGOpro TAG SD anti-covid bracelet version

Fields of application

Private companies

Large distribution (supermarkets)

Waiting rooms of public bodies (hospitals, post offices, etc ...)


Construction sites

The benefits

Why implement EGOpro Social Distancing?

At this time and for a long time it will be essential to keep the right distances and avoid gatherings especially in places such as, companies, public structures, supermarkets, etc.

The system will reduce the risk of contagion by bringing advantages to:

  • ECONOMY - it will be possible to return to work in safe conditions for the worker.
  • HEALTHCARE - it will be possible to keep the right distances and not create gatherings.
  • SOCIAL SPHERE - it helps to change the citizen's habits for his own good and for the community.
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