EGOpro Safe MOVE

EGOpro Safe MOVE

EGOpro Safe Move: The «sixth sense» safety system by AME reinvents safety at construction sites.

EGOpro Safe Move: The «sixth sense» safety system by AME reinvents safety at construction sites. The new EGOpro Safe Move by AME protects lives, allows workers to work more efficiently, and provides an integral safety network, also in very large sitesEGOpro Safe Move: The «sixth sense» safety system by AME reinvents safety at construction sites. Safe Move is a tag-based proximity warning & alert system that can be implemented as part of a comprehensive active safety project. Through UWB technology, the system warns the driver, in real time, whenever another vehicle or pedestrian worker is near his vehicle, by means of visual and sound alarms. EGOpro Safe Move is 100% configurable, fields and detection zones can be selected, and the system can be adjusted to the specific features of the site, and so useless alarms are avoided. The tag features an access control system that can administer an external network; it can identify and check several technologies, such as UHF, ISO, biometrics, and fleet management.

“In a construction site, where you find very large vehicles and the field of vision is poor, it is crucial to have a system that helps to identify where hazards lie”, explains Claudio Salvador, President of AME. “The system warns the driver whenever there is an actual danger. It not only prevents accidents or collisions, but also improves the efficiency of the works at the site”. The vehicles are equipped with a configurable touchscreen display that shows the position of other assets and tags clearly. Workers can be warned after some period of time within a danger zone- with a high concentration of dust, for instance- by supplying a holistic safety solution that protects the life and health of staff. Accidents at a site are a true threat to life. The system warns drivers whenever people on foot are close by means of two kinds of alerts at different detection intervals- pre-alarm and warning-, so that drivers have the best chances to avoid collisions.

. EGOpro Safe Move works also in very large sites. Ranges and shapes of detection zones suitable for any kind of vehicles, from a car to a large bulldozer with a side excavator, are guaranteed thanks to the configurability of the system. It is easy to install, regardless of the made, model or function of the vehicle. Salvador concludes: “By wearing a tag, people can be safe anywhere within the site. Vehicles can move faster when it is safe to do so, and drivers have a «sixth sense» that help them to know where danger lies. It is the ultimate combination between protection and efficiency”. EGOpro Safe Move turns reactive safety into a proactive solution that protects lives and allows workers to work more efficiently while adding true value to operations. Instead of asking how much safety costs, site managers should rather ask themselves how safety will contribute to enhance efficiency and value at the site.”

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