The role played by AME products in eco-sustainability

The role played by AME products in eco-sustainability

AME is a company that has always focused on innovation, always projected into the future by bringing its concept of safety by technology around the word and in the most diverse working environments. Over the years, the company has undertaken solid collaborations with various partners with whom it has contributed to raising safety standards on the realization of large eco-sustainable works. 

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Enel Green Power’s wind farm in Nxuba, South Africa, is an example of how maximum safety cannot be renounced when working to exploit renewable energy and thus increase environmental sustainability. At Nxuba, as at many other EGP sites around the word, our EGOpro Safe MOVE collision avoidance system is used to prevent accident involving handling equipment during the works. Environmental sustainability must go hand in hand with worker safety.

The monitoring of the personnel inside the tunnels under construction and more generally of the safe conditions in the tunnels themselves is the main function of the AME Tracking system, a system that is used to garantee the highest safety standards during the excavation of the tunnels, allowing in the event of any accident to always know where the workers are located so that they ca be rescued in an appropriated and timely manner.

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The Brenner Tunnel, which, once completed, will be the longest rail tunnel in the world, will bring significant improvements to connections between Italy and Europe. It will reduce the amount of road traffic entering and leaving the country, with enormous benefits for the air quality of the surrounding areas, eliminating heavy road traffic, reducing emissions and eliminating the serious problem of fine dust to which the Province of Bolzano (South Tyrol) is subjected. AME has installed and manages a sophisticated system of tracking, radio communications and monitoring of environmental conditions inside the tunnel to ensure maximum safety for workers who work every day in the hearth of the mountain.

This important experience in its uniqueness has made AME known in the tunneling word and recently it has allowed to acquire the contract for the realization and management of a similar system for another great underground work, in New Zealand, in collaboration with another great Italian company as Ghella S. p. A.. It will be realized a great sewer pipeline, that will serve to improve the environmental conditions of the city of Aukland, where at the moment in case of rains the sewer liquids leak.

Once again we are proud to be an active part in the construction of these grates works where safety and eco-sustainability go hand in hand and, above all, to be able to put our services and our technology at the service of safety of the people who carry out these works.

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