Anticollision: AME, safety first in all environments, for all vehicles

Anticollision: AME, safety first in all environments, for all vehicles

A.M.E. | Advanced Microwave Engineering – is a Florentine company that has been developing technological solutions for Safety&Security since 1999. Thanks to its futuristic vision and continuous innovation, AME has become a real leader in the field of active security, exporting its products all over the world. AME is the example of how a small Italian company can become a global reference point.

The goal is to affirm the concept of #safetybytechnology, in the world of accident prevention and protection. The incidence of accidents in the world of work is still very relevant today. It is therefore essential to offer a solution to this social scourge by adopting the most innovative technologies available on the market.

What does #safetybytechnology mean?

In many scenarios, safety is managed passively: regulations, procedures, training. What the company deals with instead is Active Safety, i.e. accident or injury prevention. Technology can provide valuable help in this regard.

The vision is to be able to shape the environment by customizing it on the user, creating a positive interaction with technology, thus creating an Intelligent Environment capable of recognizing and responding to the presence of different individuals and operating in a simple and invisible way, configuring itself to meet the needs of man, protecting him, satisfying his tastes and interests.

Proximity Warning and alert System

Active Safety

EGOpro Active Safety solutions make it possible to reach the highest levels of safety for the worker, maintaining, or in some cases increasing, operational efficiency, without impacting the company infrastructure. Analyzing the industrial operating environment, positioning EGOpro Active Safety devices on the possible sources of danger (moving vehicles, forklifts, cranes, fixed machinery, etc.). By equipping operators with Active TAG, the worker is put at the center of the active safety support systems. The TAG is designed to be integrated with the various Individual Protection Devices (helmet, high visibility vest, etc.).

EGOpro Active Safety includes several modules that, through corporate access control, the creation of safe areas, anti-collision systems both for moving and stationary machinery, make up an integrated safety solution. The main feature of EGOpro Active Safety is its flexibility, which allows the system to adapt to any kind of industrial environment, offering optimal solutions to the customer’s safety needs.

The new range of anti-collision solutions

One of the most common causes of accidents in many industrial contexts is the collision between goods handling means and the personnel working near them. Among EGOpro Active Safety’s solutions, the one that responds to the need of solving such problems is surely EGOpro Safe MOVE – a system of collision avoidance between vehicles and operators.

Thanks to its experience and with the aim of giving a more complete solution to its customers, AME has decided to widen its product line EGOproSafe MOVE, to minimize the risk of accidents between forklifts and pedestrians in common working areas.

The novelty is that a different solution has been designed for each forklift model and each type of application.



Besides the famous EGOpro Safe MOVE SMART, designed for medium-large forklifts and equipped with a touch screen display, AME launches EASY and COMPACT, the two new anti-collision devices, designed for smaller industrial trucks.

EASY is composed of only two elements, an omnidirectional sensor to be positioned on the roof of the vehicle and a HUB, which through LED light and sound alarms is able to alert the driver promptly on the approach of pedestrians or other vehicles, but does not require much space in the cabin.

COMPACT is instead the smallest system of the EGOpro Safe MOVE family. It consists of a single device, a HUB with integrated sensor, ideal for small vehicles such as electric pallet trucks.

All three EGOpro Safe MOVE systems are compatible with each other, since the Tag worn by the operator is the same, thus allowing to make the whole fleet safer according to the specific needs of the customer.


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