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Smurfit Kappa SPA


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Italy- Spain – France – Portugal

Project requirements:

In the Packaging facilities, besides the fact that very large paper reels are handled, there is a high number of vehicles in motion, which increases the chances that accidents caused by a driver’s poor visibility may occur. The customer needs a solution to reduce the risk of collisions between forklift trucks and the workers on foot that work around a forklift truck in motion, and a solution for external truck drivers that come to the plants to load reels.


AME’s solution was to install the EGOpro Safe MOVE SMART system in all the vehicles and provide pedestrian workers with EGOpro active TAGs. In this way, even if visibility is poor when paper reels are handled, the system successfully warns the driver in real time that there is a pedestrian worker, and shows exactly where such worker is, within a danger zone.

In some plants of the Group, for instance, the Grantorto plant, a custom solution was implemented for external truck drivers. As a standard procedure, whenever a driver enters the facilities, he is given an EGOpro active Tag, and while he is waiting for the reels to be loaded, he is to stay within a specific SAFE AREA equipped with an EGOpro sensor. If the driver leaves this dedicated area, the Tag is activated and the forklift truck that is loading reels slows down drastically and remains stationary until the truck driver comes back to the SAFE AREA.

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