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Project requirements:

Nestlè asked for a solution to reduce the risk of collisions between forklift trucks and pedestrian, for some of the Group’s production units, as well as a solution to protect truck drivers during loading/unloading operations in the loading bays


The solution implemented to minimise the collision risk was to install a custom EGOpro Safe MOVE SMART device in the loading bays.

A pressure-sensitive safety mat was installed in the loading bay zone plus a Zoning SPOT sensor to cover the entire zone. EGOpro reflectors were installed on the forklift trucks. When the truck driver gets off the vehicle, while waiting for goods to be loaded, he has to stand on the mat so that all the operations are carried out efficiently and in total safety. If the truck driver does not follow the procedures and leaves the mat, the Zoning SPOT sensor is activated and slows down the forklift truck within that specific danger zone until the driver steps back onto the pressure-sensitive mat.

This system has been approved as a safety standard in all the Nestlè Group plants in Italy.

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