MIAC 14 – 16 October 2015|Lucca

MIAC 14 – 16 October 2015|Lucca


Feel free to visit our team and our partner Giuliani Srl.  at our common STAND 170!
At this exibjition we will present our solution: “AMS” – Advanced Microwave Sensors – is a complete range of sensors specifically designed for the on-line real-time applications in the pulp& paper industry.

AMS systems allows us to continuously measure the moisture parameters in the various stages of the P&P production thus enabling to control and optimize the performances of the most relevant parts of the machine.

These informations allow the process control to optimize

➢ energy consumption and emissions;

➢ chemicals usage;

➢ unplanned downtime;

➢ planning machine’s shut-down for regular maintenance;

➢ safety in work area

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