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Constructions sites all around the world.

Project requirements:

Topics such as Innovation and Safety at Work have always been crucial to the policies of Enel GP. That is the reason why the company was looking for high-tech solutions that can enhance safety at both ENEL’s sites and facilities. Three different solutions were needed: to control access, to track workers in the different zones of a site/plant, and to reduce the risk of vehicle-pedestrian worker collisions.


The ‘Active Safety Project’ started in 2017 when the EGOpro Active Safety solutions were installed at the different ENEL Green Power sites around the world. The solutions suggested and installed are as follows: System to Control Access on Site: a single integrated software manages authorisations, checks documentation, and logs data on when workers enter/exit the site – Area Boundary Control System: delimits those specific danger zones in order to monitor the presence of personnel – Anti-collision System: by means of visual and sound alerts on the display in the driver’s cab, the system warns the driver, in real time, that pedestrian workers wearing an active tag are near a vehicle in motion, and where exactly these workers are.


Our partnership with ENEL Green Power has progressed favourably and a new agreement was signed for 2021-23 in joint venture with RINA.

This new project has extended Enel’s focus on safety at the site to a global level, to analysing and assessing data gathered in situ, through data management strategies, and to studying data collected at the different constructions sites, such as those for photovoltaic plants, wind farms, or biomass power plants.

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