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Brenner Base Tunnel

Brenner Base Tunnel


BTC:  (Ghella – Astaldi- Oberosler – Cogeis – PAC)

Brenner Base Tunnel Mules 2.3 construction lot customer BBT


Construction & Tunnelling



Project requirements:

The Brenner Base Tunnel is one of the most important and complex works of the day. This work involves constructing a railway tunnel to connect Fortezza, in ITALY, and Innsbruck, in AUSTRIA. Once complete, it will reach a total record length of 64 kilometres. The high safety standards required led the customer to ask for a 360º, integrated and reliable solution so that various modules can be managed in an integrated manner: controlling access, tracking of workers throughout the tunnel, managing communication in the tunnel, closed circuit television systems, traffic light priorities, alarms, and monitoring environmental parameters with sensors.


AME was chosen by BTC to be in charge of the entire Active Safety in the site to build the Brenner Base Tunnel by implementing a 360º, integrated and reliable solution that makes it possible to manage the following modules:

AME at the Brenner Base Tunnel construction site handles:

  • ACCESS CONTROL & CCTV: Control of both vehicles and workers on foot entering the site. CCTV system at access points to the site and inside the tunnel
  • TRACKING: real-time detection of the quantity and position of the workers along the entire tunnel
  • VOICE COMMUNICATION: GSM coverage in the entire tunnel; UHF radios are supplied
  • INFRASTRUCTURE: Installing and implementing fibre throughout the tunnel.
  • ALARMS AND SOS MANAGEMENT: SOS emergency call boxes/alarm columns – Variable Message Signs – Acoustic alerts for blasts


The system features a web-based software and a control room with a mimic diagram that displays, in real time, the position and identity of each worker in the tunnel and through which alarms can be monitored and alerts and messages can be sent.

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