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ACTIVE SAFETY for the company’s internal Viability

ACTIVE SAFETY for the company’s internal Viability

Innovative solutions for the efficient and safe management of internal business flows.


The internal traffic system can be considered as all those things related to the movement of people, vehicles and goods/products within company spaces. From this general idea we have to make an in-depth analysis, by underlining that in many companies this internal concept of viability includes several associated factors such as: potential interferences caused by external companies, complex routes and possible goods stationing offering a highly dynamic scenario.

Surely it is necessary to deal with the internal road system through a deep analysis of criticalities and by identifying active solutions which can provide real-time answers to minimize the risk for workers and company assets while maximizing production efficiency.

AME, that introduced the concept of Active Safety in the work safety field 20 years ago, offers its experience, its know-how and its innovative EGOpro solutions to manage the internal company viability in a technologic, efficient and safe way.

AME’s approach to the customer is to manage every aspect of the project, from the preliminary consultancy and study of critical situations, through the implementation of the most innovative solutions, finishing with the post-sales maintenance. The aim for AME is to become the best long-term partner of its customers for the improvement of their safety standards.

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In order to guarantee maximum performance in terms of operational efficiency, the increasingly efficient and high-performance forklifts require a high level of dynamism in the internal viability of production and logistics plants, which must be optimised and secured in an effective way. This must be addressed definitely through planning flows, as well as with horizontal and vertical signage, but it is essential to integrate it with active solutions that respond in real-time to the criticality of the moment.

Some examples of AME solutions included in the EGOpro Safety solution line to improve the company’s internal viability:

  • Vehicular and pedestrian access management.

Es. Opening the sectional door with forklift slowing down and activating a light signal for the pedestrian.

  •  Pedestrian Crossing Management.

Es. Traffic light priorities with the possibility of slowing down the forklift – Blocking of pedestrian passage gates in the presence of vehicles.

  •  Management of mixed zones with vehicle/pedestrian interference

Es. Limitation of forklift performance (speed, fork blocking, etc…) in some areas

  •  Management of staff/external vehicles

                 Es. Managing safe areas where truckers or visitors can wait



Managing the company’s viability in an organized and efficient way that minimizes the risk of accidents for the worker as well as for company’s assets is a really difficult task, although together with the experience and advice of AME technicians and EGOpro Active Safety solutions it can be managed in an excellent way.

AME can answer all your business viability needs with an integrated and customized solution based on your security demands while improving production efficiency.


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