LNXessence technolgy, patented by AME, lies at the bottom of our integrated systems and solutions and provides differentiation and a competitive advantage compared to other competing solutions available.

LNXessence is a mix of microwave and radio frequency technologies which perform the identification and contextualization in space and time of objects, people and vehicles, a function which lies at the base of all modern ICT systems for security, automation, logistics etc.

LNXessence is a general purpose technology which brings with it remarkable advantages in all its applications compared to traditional active RFID systems, and assuring greater efficiency in handling information.


LNXessence is a RFID technology based on active transponder that, other than simple automation operation, makes possible the data and information exchange and management.

LNXessence is an identification system made up of three equipment:

  • ILLUMINATOR: a microwave interrogation unit;
  • TRANSPONDER(Tag): a dual frequency transponder;
  • RECEIVER: a radio frequency receiving unit.


The operation priciple of our technology is very intuitive: the Tag remains in a quiescent state until it enters in the activation are, or rather, that area covered by the illuminatorand it “awakes”. When it becomes active it interprets the signal and transmits its code and its results at the receiver. The system permits the information and data exchange among the three equipment.