The technology LNXessence, owned by AME, is based on radio frequency and microwave systems using active transponders with frequency generation on board.

The trasnponder active with frequency generation on board have a very low power emission of about 1000 times less compared to a mobile phone (i-phone).

This is an extracted from the table of power emission of most common radio devices. In this table are highlighted the power emissions of the 4 classes of mobile phones (from 1, the highest emission, to 4, the lowest) in yellow, and the LNX technology in green. As you can see the lowest emission of a mobile phone (Class 4) is 21dBm, while LNX tag emission is -10dBm, that means a difference of 30dBm = 1/1000 ratio..

dBm measures the power of the radio signal, is expressed in decibels on the reference level of one milliwatt