Company| Smurfit Kappa
Location | Grantorto – Italy
EGOpro Safety Solution | EGOpro Safe Move – Proximity Warning & Alert System
Equipped Vehicle|10
Active Pedestrian Tag| 94

To perform a continuous improvement in safety, Smurfit Kappa Italia chose to equip Grantorto production plants with the EGOpro Safe MOVE anti-collision system to secure the operating areas.
The Safety Solution has been implemented with the following modules:

> MODULE Pedestrian to Machine Anti-collision
> MODULE Machine to Machine Anti-collision
> MODULE LONG RANGE | Pre-Warning – Visual and acoustic alarm
> MODULE SHORT RANGE | Proximity Warning – Visual and acoustic alarm and automatic speed limiting
> STOP & HOLD DOWN | The vehicle is halted when the operator is in the dangerous area.

Video of the EGOpro Safe MOVE – Proximity Warning & Alert System| in operation during an operational phase to store paper coils.