EGOpro Access ControlManage access control in operational zones

The first tool used to ensure safety in hazardous environments is the one used to control access and to monitor personnel in operational zones.  EGOpro Safety Access Control & Monitoring is one module in the EGOpro Safety system that completely manages access to operational zones in an integrated and flexible way.


EGOpro Safety Access Control and Monitoring is an integrated safety system that automatically manages access to operational zones (SECURITY) and regulates access to zones which are at particular risk or are particularly hazardous (SAFETY).

The system enables permissions to be managed by identifying the person or vehicle and the authorisations agreed with the client  in accordance with:

Personal data

Customised profiles

> Daily or yearly calendar

> Time slots

Management/limitation of access levels

Suitable documentation

> Access levels

 Integration with video cameras – video entry phones – etc.

The EGOpro Safety Access Control & Monitoring system is built on a latest-generation software platform that can manage, authorise, monitor and store every entrance/exit of authorised personnel and vehicles to/from restricted or hazardous zones. 

The system can generate acoustic or sound alarms or send emails or messages related to zones at risk such as, for example: limited number of entrances, or maximum time an operator can remain in a hazardous zone.

The software platform (built on a web-based architecture) can manage identification terminals using the most widespread personal identification technology (badges, cards, passive RFID tags, etc.), strong authentication (biometric systems) and, most importantly, it exclusively integrates hands-free LNXessence systems which guarantee the best performance in Long Range identification systems (active TAGs).



ego-pro-safety_09ABSOLUTE SAFETY
The EGOpro Safety Access Control & Monitoring system, based on identifying personnel at the access points to construction sites or a factory or plant, controls and ensures that unauthorised personnel do not enter hazardous operational zones. In addition, the system provides tracking of every entrance/exit of personnel via the pre-selected access points.

EGOpro Safety Access Control & Monitoring allows the implementation of any control and safety solution, offering designers the greatest flexibility by being adaptable to any operational need and any environment. The access control module can be integrated seamlessly into every other EGOpro Safety solution.

Opening an access point and recording an entrance/exit happens automatically without having to perform any action (hands-free). Identification can happen at a distance that can be adjusted up to a maximum of 25 metres.

EGOpro Safety Access Control & Monitoring can manage vehicle access control together with personnel control by using the EGO BOOSTER tag that contains a feature that associates the identification of the vehicle with that of the driver, integrating him/her in the same active technology equipment (that identifies the vehicle) together with the passive technology (that identifies the driver).

EGOpro Safety Access Control & Monitoring