EGOpro Safe ZoningCreating safe operating zones, limiting the performance of forklifts

The EGOpro Safe ZONING system manages forklift performance in specific zones, in observance of the client’s safety requirements.

By setting up “electronic gates” and installing a device on the vehicle, the system can manage, in real time, the forklift’s performance. When the forklift enters the “safe” zone, it immediately receives all the information to activate the pre-defined safety features (automatically reducing speed, blocking or limiting fork elevation, switching on work lights, etc.).

As well as modifying the vehicle’s performance, the system interacts with the surrounding environment, based on the client’s specific needs (opens doors, switches on lights, issues acoustic alerts and so on).


EGOpro Safe ZONING consists of three sensors positioned on the “access point” to the hazardous zone that we want to control, and one device installed on the forklift. When entering the controlled zone through the GATE (Sens1-Sens2-Sens3), the system manages the forklift’s performance based on the specific zone’s safety requirements.

To return the vehicle to its original performance, it will have to pass through access point in the opposite direction (Sens3-Sens2-Sens1).

Based on the type of work to carry out, and on the client’s specific needs, the system on the access point can activate the sensor on the vehicle which, automatically and without any driver intervention, then manages the forklift’s performance.

It can, for example:

> Automatically reduce the vehicle’s speed

> Block or limit fork elevation

Switch on work lights

Automatically open doors

> Switch on environment lighting

> Activate bright warnings

> Customisation




EGOpro SAFE ZONER is an active safety system that manages a moving vehicle’s performance within a pre-defined, delimited operational zone.

The systems allows you delimit a restricted activation zone within which, in accordance with the client’s safety needs, the vehicle or the surrounding environment will adapt its functions and capabilities. Once the vehicle leaves the activation zone, its original capabilities will be restored or actions activated in the surrounding environment will be deactivated.


The EGOpro Safe Zoner system comprises one sensor that creates the activation zone and a device installed on the vehicle. The sensor creates an activation zone within which, in accordance with the client’s safety needs, the vehicle will adapt its functions and capabilities by activating the provided peripheral devices.

The device on the vehicle, which is placed under the bonnet, closes the contact relay for the entire duration of the visit, triggering the vehicle to slow down or switching on a traffic sign or issuing visual or acoustic alarms. Once the vehicle has left the activation zone, both the vehicle and the environment will have the original functions and capabilities restored.