Manage hazardous zones around fixed machinery.Schemi AME-03

EGOpro Safety Anti-crushing is one module in the EGOpro Safety system that manages access to high-risk zones and can issue visual or acoustic alarms or stop the machinery whenever an operator steps beyond the safety perimeter around the hazardous machinery.


EGOpro Safety Anti-crushing is a system comprising one sensor fixed on the zone to control and tags that are worn or carried by each operator or worker. The sensors are positioned around hazardous fixed machinery such as triturators, presses, etc. and detect any operator who moves into the risk zone around them.

The system, therefore, identifies and prevents access to hazardous zones (high risk zones) by non-authorised or non-equipped personnel and emits a visual alarm or an acoustic one whenever an operator enters the hazardous zone’s perimeter.

In addition to preventing voluntary entry by non-authorised personnel, the system can also prevent accidents, in the event in which, for reasons not dependent on the operator, such as an unforeseen issue or an accident near the hazardous machinery, the operator might find him/herself beyond the safety perimeter.

The system can also function with a reverse logic, activating the machinery only in the presence of the department manager or safety manager, who, in certain cases or for internal procedures, needs to be present when the machine is running.



The operator equipped with an active tag can move around the operational environment in complete safety. The system will monitor that the operator does not enter the hazardous zone around the machinery.
EGOpro Safety Anti-crushing as well as managing access control to hazardous zones can be associated to an access control that monitors and keeps track of every worker entrance to, or exit from, defined corporate zones.
The system also prevents unauthorised personnel, who may not know how to operate the machinery correctly, from being able to damage it.



The EGOpro Safety Anti-crushing system can issue an alarm or interrupt the machinery’s operation whenever an operator enters the hazardous zone’s perimeter, thereby avoiding potentially serious accidents.
Restarting the machinery can only be done manually, thereby not only safeguarding the operator but also calling the attention of other personnel.
The tag, in addition to controlling hazardous zones, can be used to detect the presence and the identity of personnel, all in a long range, hands-free way.