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Safety starts at the analysis

Once EGOpro Safe MOVE has been installed on the forklift truck, and having equipped the workers who work and move around the vehicle with an active TAG, the system reports, in real time, any imminent danger and logs all the events/interactions between the moving vehicle and pedestrians which might occur throughout the working day.

EGOpro MANAGER software web based

This data is then processed by the web-based EGOpro MANAGER software platform which can produce specific reports and a comprehensive analysis of the vehicle/pedestrians and vehicle/vehicle interactions, in a simple and intuitive way.

How it works

The importance of analysing data

The EGOpro Safe MOVE 4.0 system has an intelligent unit which continuously logs and analyses the data collected on-site and, through a Wi-Fi or MODEM connection, sends this data to the web-based EGOpro MANAGER software platform.

The software processes the data and creates statistical reports of the interactions between vehicles and workers.
Use this information to review :

Thanks to this essential information, you will be in a better position to adopt policies aimed at minimising interactions between forklift trucks and pedestrians and, following a period of monitoring, to verify the effectiveness of these actions through graphics and reports.

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Why analyse pedestrian-machine interactions?

Safety starts at the analysis

The combination of the two solutions, EGOpro Safe MOVE on the forklift truck and EGOpro MANAGER to analyse data, triggers a virtuous cycle of safety improvements which has 3 main phases:

Prevention in real time

The system installed on the vehicle helps reduce the risk of collision in real time thanks to the visual and acoustic alarms given to the driver.

Analysis and continuous improvement

You can identify and assess risks from the continuous analysis of data through EGOpro Manager and implement projects to improve the level of corporate safety by: modifying procedures, scheduling training, optimising specific activities and managing hazardous zones.

Check the results

After a period of monitoring, results can be analysed to measure the effect of the newly implemented activities, assessing whether they are appropriate and effective in preventing events from being repeated, or whether further action is needed.

EGOpro Safe MOVE 4.0

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EGOpro Safe MOVE 4.0

EGOpro Safe MOVE – Proximity Warning & Alert System

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