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For EGOpro Safe MOVE

The new Geofencing Module will be a real revolution in the field of logistics and safety. By simply using the Touch screen display of the EGOpro Safe MOVE already installed on the forklift it will be possible to create areas inside or outside the warehouse which will be associated with a specific CONFIGURATION PROFILE.

Together with the customer, once the areas are defined, we will associate the different profiles with certain properties to them, being able to manage them:

This will allow not only to have active and dynamic prevention that adapts to any type of situation by improving safety, but also to optimize the logistics flow of forklifts and operators.


Area 1

The vehicle with headlights on

Area 2

The vehicle with forks lowered

Area 3

The vehicle with reduced speed <5 Km/h


Area 1

Activation of the front sensors only

Area 2

Sound of the pre-warning deactivated

Area 3

Minimum activation range


for Geofencing

The position of the forklift in real-time and the definition of the areas can be determined through 3 technologies that can be combined together or used separately:

icona-01-geofencing-gpsGPSicona-02-geofencing-uwbUWBicona-03-geofencing-post-tagEGOpro POST TAG *
GPS technology is used for OUTDOOR areas.UWB technology is used for INDOOR areas.The POST TAG is used for both internal and external areas.
The forklift that has GPS on board delineates the areas with GPS coordinates and through the display create the associated areas and profiles.The creation of an infrastructure is required which, through the installation of POSTSENSORS in the environment, allows to know the position of the vehicle and create areas.The areas are created through the positioning of the POST TAGS. Battery powered tags for which an infrastructure is NOT needed - easy installation. Multiple TAGs can be associated with a profile (creating an area) and other TAGs with other profiles.
icona-01-geofencing-gps GPS icona-02-geofencing-uwb UWB icona-03-geofencing-post-tag EGOpro POST TAG *
La tecnologia GPS viene utilizzata per le aree OUTDOOR La tecnologia UWB viene utilizzate per le aree INDOOR Il POST TAG viene utilizzato per le aree sia interne che esterne.
Il muletto che ha a bordo il GPS delinea le aree con le coordinate GPS e attraverso il display creare le aree e i profili associati. Necessaria la creazione di un’infrastruttura che attraverso l’installazione dei POSTSENSOR nell’ambiente permette di sapere la posizione del veicolo e creare le aree. Le aree vengono create attraverso il posizionamento dei POST TAG. Tag carrabili a batteria per i quali NON serve un’infrastruttura (facile installazione).

* Proprietary technology


With this new functionality, the performance of the forklift truck and also the configurations of the EGOpro Safe MOVE 4.0 system adapt in real-time to the areas configured according to the safety needs identified by the customer. This allows you to avoid accidents, but maintaining, and often increasing, the efficiency of intralogistic flows in maximum safety.

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The other modules

For EGOpro Safe MOVE

The other modules for EGOpro Safe MOVE 4.0


Pre-operational check with operational questions directly on the display in the driver’s cab that allows you to make a verification request to the operator before using the vehicle. The answers to the checklist can be downloaded and checked at any time and it is also possible to connect it when the forklift is switched on.


It is possible to perform access control to the vehicle through the INHIBITOR in the cabin which allows to detect and inhibit the driver TAG and at the same time enable it to drive with the automatic LOGIN. Alternatively, with the installation of a Badge reader it is possible to carry out a real access control to the forklift allowing the driver to be identified every time he uses the vehicle. The system also allows the vehicle to be enabled by simply using the badge already in use in the company.


The remote connection through the installation of a router or a Wi-Fi antenna allows:


The EGOpro Safe MOVE 4.0 system is equipped with a CONTROL UNIT that continuously collects and analyzes the data detected in the field and via Wi-Fi or MODEM sends the data to the Web Based software platform EGOpro MANAGER which processes the data and allows you to create reports. on all operator / vehicle and vehicle / vehicle interaction events

EGOpro Manager

EGOpro Manager is a web-based software system that lets you view TAG detections and analyse worker/vehicle interaction.

EGOpro Safe MOVE 4.0

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EGOpro Safe MOVE 4.0

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