Declaration of conformity

Declaration of conformity

EGOpro Safety

Declaration of conformity

  • EGOpro Safe MOVE and ZONING
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  • Advanced Microwave Sensors
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A.M.E. solutions

3 lines of products and services

A.M.E. solutions stand out for their flexibility, adaptability and reliability allowing solutions to be implemented that best meet a client’s various and diverse needs. The modularity and mastery of technologies mean that a multitude of solutions can be delivered from Security and Safety to logistics, automation and control of industrial processes

EGOpro Safety

EGOpro Active Safety solutions, based on proprietary technology, allow the highest levels of safety for workers to be achieved whilst maintaining - or in some cases even increasing - operational efficiency, without any impact on corporate infrastructure.

EGOpro Security

EGOpro Security solutions, complete with hardware devices, software platforms and specialised applications, make it possible to resolve a broad range of issues connected with corporate security and the logistical management of vehicles and goods


Solutions involving Active Microwave Sensors provide accurate, real time, collection of physical parameters such as moisture levels, consistency and permeability in the various phases of paper production. (Forming board - Press section - Dryer section)

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