Consultancy service

Consultancy service

After many years of experience in the world of safety and intra-logistics, we have launched the EGOpro Safety First: the consultancy service offered by AME to help clients optimise safety in their warehouses or construction sites or any hazardous corporate environment.


More safety, more efficiency

How can you reduce accidents at work?

Safety is increasingly more important in corporate dynamics and is a factor that can increase efficiency. When, in a corporate operational environment, material handling vehicles, dangerous fixed machinery and workers operate in the same space, finding a solution that makes the worker feel safe whilst simultaneously making the company operate more efficiently becomes absolutely essential. Reducing accidents and collateral damage, thereby reducing work down-time, machinery stoppages and repairs, allows for more fluid and more efficient logistical flows.

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EGOpro Active Safety solutions, based on proprietary technology, allow the highest levels of safety for workers to be achieved whilst maintaining – or in some cases even increasing – operational efficiency, without any impact on corporate infrastructure.

EGOpro Safety First

Our consultancy service

We will help you improve SAFETY within your company whilst also increasing efficiency.

1. Analysis and survey

Analysis of the environment, the activities and the logistical demands and identifying risks and potential hazards.

2. Briefing and designing a solution

Identifying the various possible solutions to improve safety and optimise efficiency.

3. Implementing the solution

Installing the various solutions with client support for personnel training and adapting procedures

4. Monitoring and control

Monitoring the implemented solutions and providing continuous client support to maintain the high levels of safety reached.

The analysis of the environment

How can we improve safety?

Together with the consultancy service from an AME expert, and by analysing the industrial operational environment, placing EGOpro Active Safety sensors on possible sources of danger (moving vehicles, forklift trucks, cranes, fixed machinery, etc.), and by equipping workers with an active TAG, it is possible to create an intelligent environment in which the presence of a worker in a hazardous zone is reported by the system in real time which will then interact with the environment itself (visual and acoustic alarms, slowing machinery down, controlling access and authorisation, etc.).


Through analysis and design, AME puts the worker at the centre of its safety support systems. By wearing a triple technology active Tag, the worker is protected from every potential hazard in the workplace. The TAG is designed to be integrated with various other personal protective equipment (safety helmets, high-visibility jackets, etc.) and has a life of 3 years.


EGOpro Active Safety includes several modules which, through company access control, the creation of safe zones, anti-collision systems both for moving vehicles and for fixed machinery, provide an integrated safety solution. The main feature of EGOpro Active Safety is its flexibility which allows the system to be adjusted to any type of industrial environment, delivering the best solution to meet the client’s safety needs.



What can we do for you?

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Tell us your Safety problem and together we will find the right solution for your warehouse or your construction site!

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EGOpro Safety

Active safety solutions for workplaces

Active safety solutions for workplaces to achieve the highest levels of safety, whilst increasing operational efficiency without impacting corporate infrastructure.

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