Advanced Microwave Engineering is a Florentine company founded in 1999 thanks to the engagement of systematic skills with a well-established know-how in the field of high frequency electronic technologies and microwave sensors.

A.M.E. has developed its technologies and obtained several patents offering flexible and performing solutions in the field of active radio frequency identification (RFID), wireless technologies and sensors for industrial applications.

A.M.E. designs, develops and manufactures integrated turnkey solutions for Security & Safety, logistics and automation and control in industry. AME has advanced expertise in wireless communications systems and exclusive tech- nologies in RFID and micro- wave sensors. Its strategic objective is to exploit its skills to improve ergonomic and safety conditions in operating environments other than to optimize the performance of produc- tion processes.

A.M.E. solutions feature innovation and flexibility in the integration architecture, allowing maximum adherence to the most varied of customer needs. Modularity and mastery in technologies permit the development of different solutions, starting from Security and Safety, logistics, industrial processes control and automation.

Our products are divided in 3 lines